Instituut Verbeeten

Hoofd ICT Services

Roy Norbart
Hoofd ICT Services

Deze oplossing past prima bij ons en in onze visie en architectuur. Fijn dat een IT leverancier klant-gericht acteert.


I report to the IT Manager. My team requested a professional tool and cost-effective tool on service mngt trends.


Independent Service Management tooling with Self-service facilities and dashboards to demonstrate IT controls. I wanted it to be integrated with our time management system.


The KPI trending performance dashboards are available for everyone within Instituut Verbeeten.


To have an overview of the delivered performance on a daily basis.


We knew the quality of the previous dashboard set and were impressed by the new capabilities and surprised by the low costs.


Daily use of the IT Service Management dashboard to manage the IT department. Monthly/quarterly use of the other dashboards in the KPI IT suite.