Carl-Jan van AmelsfortEurest
Facility Service Development Manager

KPI Performance Management was recommended by Mirror42.

Reporting to the Chief Operational Officer. My role is to improve overall customer experience. I also maintain contact with our key accounts and inform them about our service development. I continuously measure if our services are up to standard.

A trending facility management Service Management Performance dashboard. Giving Eurest an extra Unique Selling Point to customers.

By combining the right information from TOPdesk and other (electronical) datasources we’d like to see the results visualized in a Eurest facility dashboard. The customer and we gain insight in our performance and trends.

Automated performance dashboards.

KPIPM was recommended by Mirror42.

66Controls has transformed our old template into their new technology platform, that we show our customers, as a performance dashboard solution. Combined with our TOPdesk implementation, we can now automatically collect scores and visualize these.