Trending Performance

Gain insight on historical, current and expected performance on operational, tactical and strategical level.

Software as a Service

KPI Performance Management is a Software as a Service solution. This minimizes the server footprint and reduces cost.

Fast Deployment

Your dashboard will be up and running in less than three weeks.

Out of the box connectors

Connect your application data to KPI Performance Management dashboards with out-of-the-box dataconnectors.

Connect multiple sources

Connect KPIPM to multiple datasources and combine data to create management information that seamlessly fit your needs.

Secure data transfer

KPIPM uses a secured SSL connection and only retrieves metadata from your application.

Best practice content

Benefit from our domain knowledge. Our dashboards contain metrics and KPI's that have proven their value over time.

Customize your dashboard

Create your own dashboards and interactive reports by using Drag 'n drop. Combine data to create new insights.

Many visualizations

Display pie charts, sunbursts, graphs and all kinds of visualizations you can think of.

Our IT governance trending performance suite

Don’t we all prefer movies above snapshots? Just as many CIO’s, IT managers, facility managers, service managers and program managers we hate surprises. We don’t want to imagine too much. Our work doesn’t always have to be an exciting movie. Often we like to be able to predict the next scene so we can anticipate. Our customers receive frequent and many status snapshots of current affairs. Their performance and their departments' performance is based on how well they understand the picture and the one who presents the picture to them. Every negative surprise is understood by your customer as a lack of control. Especially CIO’s, IT managers, facility managers, service managers and program managers lack the trending information needed to manage their responsibilities. They often spend a lot of time gathering data, processing, interpreting and explaining it to the people involved. And even then the information is not accurate, trusted, or accessible and therefore their message and proposed actions don’t impact the audience as they desire. The content of our current suite is developed with that in mind. It currently exists of a number of out-of-the-box dashboards based on industry KPI’s on typical IT and facility processes. The dashboards and related processes can be implemented and connected to your systems and information within a couple of weeks or days.